Thursday, November 8, 2012

What to Text a Girl You Like

Ever find yourself trying to come up with the perfect text to send that girl you really like? If so you might be wondering what the answer is to the question "what to text a girl you like?" A lot of guys have trouble figuring out what they should text the girl they like. With a little practice and a push in the right direction always knowing what to text a girl will become natural to you.

Many guys have trouble knowing what to say over text. With a few topics in mind you can easily come up with some great content right from your own life experience. Whether it be about your interests or the girl you are interested in. There are really good questions to ask a girl you like over text. One of my favourite questions has to do with what she is passionate about. You might find yourself trying to figure out how to tell that special girl how much you really like her. Finding the right words to text can be a challenge. So lets take a look at some things to text a girl you like.

What to text a girl you like

Talk about your passions. A great way to show genuine interest is to ask her about what she is genuinely interested in. This is a great topic to text about since you can find out what she is really interested in. If you both share a common interest you will have so much to talk about right away. Maybe she has a passion you want to learn more about. This will help you think of lots of questions you can ask her on the topic. If she isn't giving you very much to work with you can always share what you are passionate about with her. She might follow up by showing interest in your hobbies too. When you want to know what to text a girl you like try starting with your passions.

Telling a girl you like her over text. This is a complicated topic to text about. Telling a girl you like her over text isn't usually the best idea. Whill very useful to know.en telling a girl you like her for the first time you are probably much better off telling her in person or over the phone rather than through text. If you do want to tell her you like her over text be warned that this can sometimes come off as needy. Some girls will straight up stop texting you if they feel like you like them more than they like you. If you can tell she is into you then telling her you like her should feel natural. All you have to do is tell her how you feel. If you can't tell if she likes you or not maybe hold off for a while until you have a better idea. When you both like each other you can show her happiness by showing her you like her over text from time to time. This is more to do with how to text a girl you like rather than what to text a girl but st

When trying to decide what to text a girl you like keeping in mind these two topics will give you a good place to start. Finding content related to the things you are passionate about will be easy and natural to you. You should have a lot to say about your hobbies and interests since they are so familiar to you. Talking about your feelings with the girl you like should be natural to you too since you don't have to make anything up. This will help you get a good idea of what to text a girl you like.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Text a Girl You Like

People are starting to realize the power of understanding how to text a girl you like. Developing yourself and gaining the control you deserve in your dating life is becoming more popular. As we see that we have more control over our own lives and the skills we can learn we almost begin to crave the answer to "how can I use less time and effort while getting more of what I want out of life?" We are going to take a look at texting girls whether you've been sending texts to girls for years or you are learning how to text a girl you like for the first time.

You are probably wondering, is knowing what to text a girl you like all the time really that difficult? I mean do I really need to read a guide about how to text girls? No you don't need to read a guide. Not if you don't want to find out great ways to effortlessly improve your dating life. Some people are afraid that they don't know everything and some people are even afraid of the idea that they aren't already the best at texting that girl they like. The harsh reality of it all is that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to gain. So if you want to always know things to text a girl you like without accidentally losing the attraction then keep on reading!

Naturally in order to learn a skill we must take a look at what things we should know and do that will help us get great results too. One thing that slips people's mind is that sometimes the way we communicate with others creates negative results too. So to get a great start towards developing our skills with texting a girl you like we must go over the do's and don'ts of how to text a girl.

how to text a girl you like

How to Text a Girl You Like - Common Texting Mistakes

Being too boring! You have lived your whole life up to this point so I am sure you have plenty to say and plenty to do. Forget about those lame interactions that only consist of small talk and little real interest. So what if she is responding every now and then, can you feel that she is really into the interaction? If so you probably aren't making this mistake. One of many great texts to send to a girl you like goes something like this: "I met this really cute girl last night, you would probably really like her." This is great when you got her number the night before out at a club or with friends for example.

Telling a girl you like her through text. While this isn't necessarily a mistake it can really kill attraction when you put her above yourself in value. What do I mean exactly? Well let's think about it this way, if you can tell she is really into you and you are pretty sure she can tell you like her too, then would you need to be telling a girl you like her over text? If she isn't into you and you are into her, will letting her know you like her in a text change her mind from "oh, this guy again" to "now I really like him"? You guessed it. No that won't change her mind. Giving away the mystery can at times stop the potential for attraction. There might be better options for us when she isn't already into us which we will cover in the section how to text a girl you like: what to do.

How to Text a Girl You Like - What to Do

Should you text a girl you like everyday? At first you may not want to text her everyday right after having gotten her number. This may come off as needy. However once the attraction has been built, then you can really pump up the attraction with fun and witty texts to send to a girl you like. Maybe she is a short girl, if you are into short girls like me then you probably find yourself mentioning that to the girl at some point, that usually becomes an inside joke for her and I after that. If she is ok with you calling her short you can send a fun text like this "Don't get short with me! You know that gets me excited" if she gives you any attitude. This will help direct the interaction towards a more positive and fun direction while also giving you the power to lead her in that direction.

Learn the signs a girl likes you texting her. Does she take hours or days to respond? Does she not respond at all? Does she put up last minute resistance and flake when you've already got her to agree to hang out? These are signs that she probably doesn't like you texting her. Does she ask you questions or show interest in you as a person? Does she respond playfully when you send fun and playful texts? Does she invite you to hang out? Does she ever send smileys? If so then those are a few good signs a girl likes you texting her.

There are many more common texting mistakes and things you should know about what to do that we will be covering in later posts. This is just a taste of the great ideas you will be learning as you develop the skill of how to text a girl you like. I hope you enjoyed the start of this guide. Learning takes time and effort. Understanding and practice. Setting goals and taking initiative. You seem like the kind of person who believes in being the best you can be so I am sure you will reach your goals if you put your mind to it.

Thank you for reading my post on how to text a girl you like.